Driver’s license

To pass the driving license in France, or in Tunisia, and for it to be recognized by the foreign authority, the person concerned must have 6 months of residence in the country. A permit obtained during a tourist stay is not recognized as valid abroad, and therefore cannot be exchanged.

The French driving license is valid in Tunisia for a stay not exceeding one year. Beyond this period, it must be exchanged with a Tunisian driving license.

People wishing to settle in Tunisia must compulsorily take out local insurance for their vehicle beyond three months of stay.

On July 1, 2016, Decree No. 2016-347 of March 22, 2016 came into force, which aims to facilitate the driving abroad of French expatriates, as well as their return to France.

The different driving licenses

Moped license – category AM
The AM category allows you to drive mopeds (motorcycles less than 50 cc) and carts (light quadricycles) from the age of 14. It is issued after training lasting at least 8 hours. This category is the only one excluded from the points license scheme.

Car license – category B
What vehicles can you drive when you have a B license? What is the exam? What are the specifics of the different B permits? Road Safety informs you about the conditions to meet to pass your driving license and the course of the practical test.

Motorcycle license – category A
There are three categories of motorcycle license: A1, A2 and A. These categories require different examinations and define the size of the displacement authorized to be driven.

Professional licenses – categories C and D
License C authorizes the driving of vehicles used for the transport of goods or material whose total authorized load weight (GVW) is greater than 7.5 tonnes. There are different permits in this category: permits C, C1 and C1E The permit D authorizes the driving of vehicles used for the transport of people with more than 8 seats in addition to the driver’s seat.

Trailer permit – category E
The E permit authorizes the driving of category B, C or D vehicles coupled to a trailer. There are therefore three E permits: the BE permit, the CE permit and the DE permit.

International license and foreign license
Your French driving license is enough to drive temporarily in a certain number of non-European countries. In other countries, an international license is required or recommended, in addition to your French license, to drive. Some foreign countries do not recognize national and international licenses, a driving license must be obtained on site.